picture of red leaf

New Canon lens.

It’s quite sharp!!!

business man with the FT

Commercial photographer solihull

close up photo of blades of grass

Macro photography

You too can take lovely close-up photographs like these, all you need is a close up macro lens, these are taken with a 100mm cannon f2.8 L series lens and of course you need to keep an eye for an accurate exposure control.

Corporate photography

Met this lovely couple back in April setting up a new home together on a development by Taylor Wimpey.

Business portraits

When was the last time your company updated your staff photographs?? I have a portable studio & lighting that can be set-up at your work place.

Sunrise or sunset photography

photo of sunrise

sunrise over wythall

photo of winter sunrise

winter sunrise over wythall

It can be very tricky taking photos at sunrise or sunset especially in the winter as the sun is very strong. The secret is to understand that the camera’s auto settings will be fooled into overexposing the scene and getting washed out images with no detail. Answer use the exposure compensation button to reduce the light coming in to the camera.