Super 8 & 8mm cine film transfer

High quality cine film conversion service in Solihull. Have your old 8mm & super 8 cine film digitised in to an mp4 format that can be shared with friends & family and preserved. With my technical expertise and state of the art professional digitising equipment your old cine film is  scanned frame by frame @ 1080p in order to get the best possible images.
I can put these put these new digital files on to a high quality USB, DVD or upload to a server in the cloud.

Preserve your memories

Transferring your home movies in to Digital files make brilliant gifts for Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries.  Preserve your old memories & share with friends and family

Which format is right for me?

DVD players will eventually go the same way as video tape players although a lot of people prefer this option.
If you are comfortable with this technology then have your cine films put onto a DVD disc.

USB sticks however can be played on a computer, the files can be shared & played on a smart TV.

In the Cloud
I can transfer your cine films to a digital format upload them to a server in the cloud from here you can download on to your computer.

The natural aging process of cine film can cause it to become brittle which can lead to breakages & tearing. Your precious films are cleaned and splice joints renewed if required before the film is scanned frame by frame to obtain the very best image quality that is possible.


Supported formats

8mm Cine film & Super 8 Cine film.

Contact me on 07875 475554 or email me.


Reel size                  Length                    Run time                 Cost

3"                                 50'                          3/4 mins.            £10.00
4"                                 100'                        6/8                       £19.00
5"                                 200'                        12/15                    £28.00
6"                                 300'                        24/28                   £42.00
Titles & suitable music can also be added.
Original cine film soundtrack from £10.00

Media: USB or DVD £10.00 additional copies £10.00/£5.00 respectively.
Upload to a cloud server: A variable charge applies.
Minimum charge £25.00
Above prices are for up to 4 reels, for larger quantities please ask.