Convert video tapes to DVD or digital format.Camcorder tape,Mini DV,VHS & VHS-C tape.

Convert Video tapes. Digital conversion service.
We convert video tapes to DVD or digital media, camcorder tapes,Mini DV,Micro MV, Video 8, Hi8,VHS-C,VCR tapes & music cassettes to digital files.
Keep your precious memories alive & share those forgotten moments with friends & family.We can supply the converted tapes on DVD, USB stick or digital files that can be downloaded from anywhere via the internet.

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video tape and dvd
dvd or usb

How it works:

1 Drop off your tapes, or arrange collection if you have quite a lot
2 We convert to the format required
3 We return your originals

VHS tapes up to 3 hours are just £15.00 each up to 4, over 4 £12.00 each. Camcorder tapes up to 60 minutes £12.00 each up to 4, over  4 £10.00 each
Extra DVD copies £5.00
USB flash drives if required up to 4GB £6.00 up to 16GB £10.00 32/64GB £15.00 ( not necessary if uploaded to a cloud server )

All conversion is done on the premises & we aim to complete all orders within 7 days.
Editing options are available, titles added, clips removed/added. (Individually priced).

Convert video tapes to DVD,Camcorder tapes, Mini DV, VCR tape, 8mm camcorder tape, video 8 & hi8 camcorder tape.

Please note whilst every care is taken with your video tapes ALL transfer is carried out at your risk
We will not convert copyright material.

Video tapes transferred to digital files - call me today 07875 475554 or email me.

shows mouldy tape

mouldy tape

shows vhs tape cassette open

tape repair

Tape repair

Video tape not only loses image quality  over time but will also develop white mould depending on how it's been stored. It will eventually become unplayable or you may have some tapes where the cassette is broken or the tape itself is torn. I can often repair these & retrieve your precious memories.
Get in touch for advice.