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Paul Kallu Digital Services

Paul Kallu AMPA  ARPS

Based in Wythall near Beckett's island Solihull I offer a complete digitizing service.
All video tape formats VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, video 8, digital 8, & mini-DV  transfer to DVD, USB flash drives or digital files.
Or even uploaded to a cloud service.
I cover Solihull, and the Birmingham area.

Contact me on 07875 475554 or email me to discuss your requirements.

I have been a professional photographer for most of my working life the images shown below are just a very small sample of the type of photography I have been involved with.
My first camera cost about 10 shillings or 50 pence in new money it was made of a bakelite substance and it used 120 roll film with 12 exposures black & white of course!
I ran a Photography Studio in Exeter for nearly 30 years covering every aspect of photography be it in the lab/darkroom or social & commercial photography.
I now offer a complete digitizing service for all formats of Video & audio tape.
Preserve your memories from yesteryear & enjoy watching all those cherished forgotten moments before they are lost forever!
Access them in a modern digital format that will not degrade with time & share with friends  & family.
You can also have the new files uploaded to the cloud & download the them via the internet.