Digital conversion service. We convert video tapes or DVD's to mp4 files.

We convert video tapes & DVD's to USB on the premises, camcorder tapes, Mini DV, Video 8, Hi8,VHS-C,VCR tapes & music cassettes to digital files.
Keep your precious memories alive & share those forgotten moments with friends & family anywhere in the world.
We can supply your new files on a USB flash drive or digital files that can be downloaded from anywhere via the internet.

Call me on 07875475554 or email me

                                                            Video tape or DVD to mp4 files - Music tapes to digital files

to show various video tape formats
digital options available

How it works:

1 Drop your tapes or DVD's off or arrange collection if you have quite a lot
2 We convert video to mp4 format & audio tapes to mp3 files.
3 Your new files can go on a USB stick or I can upload them to Google drive or Dropbox ( you can then download files on to your PC via a link )
4 We return your originals
5 VHS tapes up to 3 hours are just £15.00 each up to 4 tapes , over 4 £12.00 each. Camcorder tapes up to 60 minutes are just £12.00 each up to 4 tapes, over 4  £10.00 each
6 DVD's with a single or multiple files please send an inquiry
7 USB flash drive if required up to 4GB £6.00 up to 16GB £10.00, 32 or 64GB £15.00 ( not necessary if uploaded to a cloud server )

Digital conversion solihull from any tape format or DVD to mp4 files.

Share your precious memories with family & friends anywhere in the world. Wedding videos conversion, family occasions in fact any event that you have on tape or DVD we can convert  to a digital file format. These digital files cannot degrade unlike tape or a DVD that may stop playing because its scratched or has become corrupted.

If you have tapes  that aren't playable for any reason I may be able to repair them & save the footage!

Your new files can supplied on a USB flash drive or  you can download them from Google Drive or Dropbox.

Music cassettes converted to wav files or mp3 files.
up to 4 £15 each, over 4 £12 each download the new files from Google Drive or Dropbox or on to a CD.

Call me on 07875 475554 or email me

Please note whilst every care is taken with your video tapes ALL transfer is carried out at your risk.
We will not convert copyright material.
Editing options are available, titles added, clips removed/added. (Individually priced).