Why convert VHS tape to DVD or mp4.

All video tape deteriorates over time, dvd discs can get scratched or corrupted  not to mention the vhs players & camcorders are becoming obsolete so if you have old videos tapes lying around the house, bring them to me or arrange collection if you are local & have quite a few. Let me transfer your VHS tapes & all formats of camcorder tape onto DVD or a digital format so they can be preserved and enjoyed for years to come.
With my technical expertise and state of the art professional digitizing equipment I will transfer your video tapes to DVD or digital mp4 files so you get the best possible result without any loss of quality over time.

Preserve your memories

Transferring home videos like VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, 8mm digital, Hi8 or MiniDV onto DVD or Digital files make brilliant gifts for Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries.  Preserve your old memories & share with friends and family

Which format is right for me?

DVD players will eventually go the same way as video tape players although a lot of people prefer this option.
If you are comfortable with this technology then have your tapes put onto a DVD disc.

USB sticks however can be played on a computer, the files can be shared & played on a smart TV.

In the Cloud
I can transfer your tapes to a digital format upload them to a server in the cloud from here you can download on to your computer. This method also saves the cost of the USB stick.

I have a clear pricing policy, conversion to DVD or Upload to the cloud only the conversion charges apply.
Bear in mind that all conversions are done in real time ie if it's a 3 hour tape it takes 3 hours to convert. 

If you require USB flash drive there is an extra charge depending on how much data your converted files are.

Supported formats

VHS, VHS-c, 8mm, 8mm digital, Hi8 or miniDV microMV & Audio cassettes

Contact me on 07875 475554 or email me.