Photography tuition & photography courses in Solihull

Individually tailored one to one photography tuition at your level of knowledge. Whether you have a point and shoot camera, a bridge camera or a Canon DSLR. Nikon, Fuji, Sony, Lumix, Olympus I cover them all starting from £30.00.
I have a wealth of knowledge with over 25 years of experience in all aspects of photography. My tuition is very practical, hands on and an easy learning experience.


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Personalised gift vouchers

Available for £30.00 one hour (restrictions apply).
£50.00 two hour session.
2 two hour sessions £100.00
3 two hour sessions £150.00
Can be personalised with recipient's name etc
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photo of exeter cathedral and mols houses in the snow
photo of exeter cathedral and mols houses in the snow
flowers in vase

Beginners / Basic Course

For those wishing to learn the basics about your camera
it's settings and how to use it to take better photographs.
One or two hour sessions. (One hour is only suitable for simple cameras)

Intermediate Course

Rules in handling your camera, getting your focus correct,
avoiding blurred images, understanding exposure,
ISO settings and their relationship.
When and how to use flash to get better photographs.
Two hour session.

Advanced Courses

Subjects covered: lenses, depth of field,
sharpness, bokeh and blurring the background.
Getting off Auto/ P setting. How to shoot in
AV/TV Portrait & Landscape modes.
Composition, how to shoot landscapes, sunsets and night-time photography.
Makro & close-up photography, sports photography.
How to mix flash and ambient light outdoors.
Multiple sessions in two hour blocks.

Studio lighting

Master studio lighting for single portraits,
couples and families. Product photography.
The use of umbrellas, soft boxes, snoots gels and clip lights.
Multiple sessions in two hour blocks.

Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom

Image and file management, cropping,
colour correcting improving contrast,
enhancing, spot colour, retouching and
general manipulation to get the best possible
results from your images.
Multiple sessions in two hour blocks.

Wedding Photography

Learn from my 25 years of shooting weddings.
From planning the day with the couple, technical issues
anticipating the shots before they happen, successful posing,how to shoot on the day, getting groups together
and making sure everything gets done leading to a happy bride and groom.

mum and daughter in a studio
photographic adjustments using photoshop and lightroom
bride and brides maids getting ready

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I am an Associate of the Master Photographers Association with an excellent and longstanding reputation for my work. I have excellent communication skills ensuring an easy learning experience.
Because my sessions are one to one you can make the most of your time with me.
Course prices are £30 per hour, £50 two hours. Wedding Photography tuition & mentoring fees are by agreement.
For more information about tuition or gift vouchers please get in touch with me on 07875 475554 or drop me an email.

cloudy sky and boats at torquay harbour
colourful boats at torquay harbour
very ornate wooden doorway at exeter
photo tuition solihull

You too can learn how to take beautiful photographs with confidence once you have an understanding of how your camera actually works. You will no longer be afraid to press that button to find out what it does!
My 1:1 tuition is individually tailored and each step is carefully explained in a manner that is easy to understand & it will make sense!! I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Personalised photography tuition vouchers are available.